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Summer 1: Where does food come from?

Where does food come from?

This interesting question is our new topic for Summer 1. We will be learning lots of new information linked to Geography, Design Technology, Science, Music and I.C.T.


As Geographers we will be:

Learning about the different climates around the world where food is grown.

Exploring local produce from Timperley.

Understanding how food is transported from around the world to the UK.

Identifying different breads from around the world.


As Design Technicians we will be:

Investigating and tasting different bread-based products.

Understanding basic hygiene practices when preparing food.

Exploring different aspects of a healthy and varied diet.

Designing and baking our own bread.


As Scientists we will be:

Exploring why humans and animals have a skeleton.

Understanding and naming the different muscles of the body and their purpose.

Understanding why the human body needs the correct type of nutrition and how this comes from a healthy and varied diet.

Exploring different types of teeth.

Investigating the effects of sugar on our teeth.


As Musicians we will be:

Investigating what a jingle is.

Exploring different jingles used in advertising.

Composing and evaluating our own jingles.


As Computer Technicians we will be:

Researching and identifying HTML coding

Changing a piece of text using HTML coding

Stunning Start! Bread Tasting

Fantastic Finish: Pizza Making