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Summer 1: What happened to Jack's beans?

What happened to Jack's beans?




This half term we will be reading the traditional tale 'Jack and the beanstalk' and exploring how plants and vegetables grow, through lots of gardening, planting, exploring nature and learning what different parts of plants and vegetables are called. 


We will be thinking about...

Week 1 – What did Jack need to do to make the beanstalk grow? (week 1 writing structure) 

Week 2 – What did Jack find at the top of the beanstalk? (week 2 writing structure) 

Week 3 – How did Jasper grow a beanstalk?  (Maths week) 

Week 4 – What could we grow in our  garden? 

Week 5 – What insects can we see in our garden?


As communicators we will be learning to...

To answer questions about the story Jack and the beanstalk.

To listen to stories and recall basic events.

To learn new vocabulary about our key book, vegetables and growth. 


As readers we will be learning to...

To join in with repeated parts of the story.

To predict what might happen next. 

To sequence the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

To discuss the characters of the story and their actions. 

To discuss the main events of the story. 


As mathematicians we will be learning to...

To use language of size when describing plants.

To use language of time, naming days of the week. 

To count numbers in order to 10.


As explorers we will be learning to...

To understand what a seed is.

To understand what is needed to make plants grow.

To talk about changes observed in plants.

To know what a castle is.


As artists we will be learning to...

To build a castles out of lots of different types of materials.

To retell the story of jack and the beanstalk through role play.

To represent ideas using paint and different textures. 


Our key vocabulary will be...

Jack, giant, Jack’s mum, hen, golden egg, harp, magic beans, cow, beanstalk, axe, castle, cloud, climb, chop, fe fi fo fum, bellowed, chase, golden, harp, sold, poor, coins, chop, axe.


Growing words -  vegetable, fruit, grow, compost/ soil, seed, plant, flower, petal, stem, root, leaf


Size - tall, short, long, small, big, gigantic, enormous