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Summer 1 - Was it once upon a mixed up time?

Was it once upon a mixed up time?

This half-term we are exploring all things fairy tales. Each week we are taking a different story and exploring the content of the books. We will be immersing ourselves into lots of writing, reading, retelling and play linked to each text.


Week 1 – Is it a good idea to build a house out of sweets? 

Week 2 – Who is the gingerbread man?

Week 3 – Should the fox have eaten the gingerbread man?

Week 4 – Was the ugly duckling really ugly?

Week 5 – Is the big bad wolf in any other stories?


As communicators we will learning to... 

  • Use and understand vocabulary linked to fairy tales e.g. once upon a time, the end, happily ever after. 
  • Retell our key stories through play, drama and using puppets.
  • Answer who, what, when, why and how questions linked to our key texts


As writers we will be learning to... 

  • Write sentences using our phonics linked to our key texts.
  • Hold a pencil effectively and form pre-cursive letters.
  • Spell red words correctly – I, the, to, no go. 


As mathematicians we will be learning to... 

  • Create simple repeating patterns
  • Double and halve numbers 
  • Recall number bonds to 5 and some to 10.
  • Explore composition of numbers to 10 through play based activities. 


As readers we will be learning to... 

  • Listen and talk about stories to build familiarity and understanding 
  • Engage in storytime and describe ideas and thoughts 
  • Articulate ideas, develop well-formed sentences and explain events in some detail


As explorers we will be learning to... 

  • Produce maps of our school areas   
  • Build mud sculptures and insect houses in our eco-area during forest school 
  • STEM learning through topic trap the witch, make a boat for the gingerbread man to get across, etc  


As artists we will be learning to... 

  • design and build through junking modelling, construction and other media 
  • decorate our own sweet biscuits 
  • use different materials to draw and paint fairy tale characters