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Summer 1-Rainforests!

This half term we will be immersing ourselves into all things Rainforest! From exploring trees as tall as skyscrapers to investigating insects crawling on the forest floor, we will cover it all in our new topic.





As Mathematicians we will be...

-Learning to write, order and compare decimals.

-Rounding decimals.

-Exploring pounds and pence.

-Estimating amounts of money.

-Adding and subtracting money, including giving change.

-Telling time (cross over with summer 2)


As Writers we will be...

-Using emotive language and other persuasive techniques to persuade global companies to put an end to deforestation.

-Writing our own stories with an issue.



As Readers we will be...

-Reading 'The Vanishing Rainforest' by Richard Platt.

-Discovering what tribal life in the rainforest is like.

-Predicting parts of the story using information already given to us.

-Comparing our lives to those living in the Amazon Rainforest.


As Scientists we will be...





As Geographers we will be...

-Using atlases to discover the locations of some of the world's rainforests.

-Exploring the components and layers of the rainforest, using natural materials to create our own models of a rainforest biome.

-Comparing physical geographical features of Manaus, Brazil and Delamere, United Kingdom. We will be focussing on comparing climate, interpreting graphs to add to our research.

-Researching the people and settlements of the Amazon Rainforest. Who lives in the Amazon? What is life really like? How does it compare to our lives?

-Investigating deforestation, why are trees being chopped down? Why is this dangerous for the entire world?



In computing we will be...





As Musicians we will be...

-Identifying structure and texture in music.

-Using body percussion to create musical rhythms.

-Creating simple tunes.

-Building and improving a composition.



As Artists we will be...


-Learn about the artist Henri Rousseau and explore his artwork.

-Explain what they like or dislike about their work.

-Experiment with creating mood, feeling, movement and areas of interest by selecting appropriate materials and learnt techniques.

-Articulate how they might improve their work using technical terms and reasons as a matter of routine.

-Experiment with a range of collage techniques such as overlapping, tearing and laying to create images and represent textures.

-Use collage as a means of collecting ideas and information and building a visual vocabulary.