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Summer 1- Dinosaurs

Fantastic Finish- Pre-historic Predators

Mary Anning Research Projects

Dinosaur Timeline

Stunning Start- Dinosaur Dome



This half term is an incredibly busy time for our Year 6 children! With the lead up to SATs approaching, we will be focusing primarily on revising key skills in Maths, SPaG and reading.


 As a result, much of our timetable will be dedicated to revision and the children may work in the classroom with their teacher or outside of the classroom with another member of staff.


As a reminder of the timetable for SATs week, see below.


This half term, we will also be learning all about dinosaurs.


In Science, we will be focusing on inheritance and evolution and will also be exploring how we can use clues from the past to learn about how things have changed over time.


In History, we will be looking at the three main periods of the dinosaurs, in addition to understanding how we have gathered information over time about when and how dinosaurs lived. We will also be conducting research into the life and work of a famous palaeontologist, Mary Anning.


In Art, we will be researching some of the different fossil imprints that have been discovered around the world and will be using our findings as the basis for our own fossil sculpture.


Don't forget to stay active! We are still running as much as possible during this busy time.


Homework is sent out on a Tuesday/due in on a Monday. The children were given revision guides to work on over the Easter break and further revision materials will be given in due course.