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Summer 1 - Are all mini-beasts scary?

Our big question is...

Are all mini-beasts scary?


Each week we will be answering these questions...

1. What mini-beasts can we find around us?

2. Where did the butterfly come from?

3. Why did Eric Carle write so many books about mini-beasts?

4. Why does a spider need a web?

5. Does a worm have legs?

6. Which artists focused on mini-beasts?


Our key text for this half-term


As communicators we will be learning to...

  • Name a variety of mini-beasts.
  • Use vocabulary to describe the different parts of mini-beasts.
  • Use key vocabulary linked to our key text The Very Busy Spider - silky and meadow. 


In personal, social and emotional development we will be learning to...

  • Discuss which mini-beasts we like and dislike. 
  • Show care and concern for mini-beasts


In physical development we will be learning to... 

  • Use tools to handle mini-beasts carefully
  • Write cursive letters and hold our pencil with a tripod grip
  • Move like mini-beasts


As readers we will be learning to...

  • Read simple captions, sounding out and blending the words to form sentences. 
  • Read red words - I, the, no, go, to. 
  • Explore non-fiction books to research different facts about mini-beasts.
  • Retell familiar stories linked to mini-beasts such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 


As writers we will be learning to... 

  • Write simple captions - segmenting letters into sounds
  • Write a simple story liked to The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle


As mathematicians we will be learning to...

  • Name, count and order numbers to 20
  • Make symmetrical patterns


As scientists we will be learning to... 

  • Investigate minibeast habitats
  • Identify and record the life cycle of a butterfly
  • Observe mini beast life cycles (frog/butterfly)


As artists we will be learning to... 

  •  Replicate the artwork of Steven Cutcher (Minibeast feet prints)

Stunning start

Building a mini-beast hotel