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Spring-The Rotten Romans!


The Rotten Romans


Step into the land of gladiators, chariot racing and grand Emperors. Explore Roman life from the grim to great! Get your shields at the ready and immerse yourself into Roman life through the following subject areas:


As Writers we will:

  • Write our own Quest Story based on Jeremy Strong's 'Romans on the Rampage'

  •  Use a range of co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions

  • Create compound and complex sentences

  •  Use a range of fronted adverbials, followed by a comma, to improve our sentences

  • Create a formal letter, in character as a Roman Soldier

  • Use a mixture of pronouns and nouns to aid continuity and avoid repetition

  • To use formal and informal language appropriately

  • To use was and were verb inflections correctly.


As Mathematicians we will be:

  • Developing our times tables knowledge.
  • Multiplying 3 numbers.
  • Using a variety of written methods to multiply numbers.
  • Dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers (involving remainders)
  • Finding the area of shapes
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Counting in tenths 
  • Looking at fractions greater than one
  • Dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 10 and 100

-Presenting hundredths and tenths as decimals


As Readers we will be:

  • Exploring a range of texts link to the Romans

  • Developing our ability to ask appropriate questions about a text to improve our understanding

  • Participating in discussions about the text

  •  Listening to others viewpoints and building on these

  • Continuing to build on skills to use a dictionary to check word meanings

  • Summarising the main points from the text


As Historians, we will:

  • Explore Roman life in Rome in 27BC

  • Understand the chronology of the Roman invasion of Britain

  • Know who Julius Caesar and explore his attempted invasion

  • Research the power of the Roman army

  • Explore the successful invasion and conquest of Britain.

  • Understand the British resistance and Boudicca’s rebellion.

  • Explore primary and secondary sources and the reasons why Hadrian’s Wall was built.

  • Understand the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain’s technology, culture and beliefs.


As Musicians we will be:

  • Investigating the instruments used in the Roman times.
  • Exploring battle music through the composer: Fryderyck Chopin.
  • Composing, performing and evaluating our own Roman battle music on the keyboards.


As Artists, we will:

  • Learn about the artist Sonia King and explore her artwork.

  • Investigate Roman mosaics and compare to Sonia King's work.

  • Collect ideas for our artwork from around school using iPads.

  • Create a mood board that represents our class and school.

  • Plan a mosaic design.

  • Create a mosaic design using tiles and adhesive.


As Design Technicians we will be

  • Creating a design brief to make a product that has a purpose and that is functional-a Roman coin purse!
  • Investigating bags to identify different straps and seals.
  • Designing and planning a Roman coin purse.
  • Using different stitches to sew our purses, preventing the coins from falling out.
  • Evaluating our product in order to identify where improvements can be made.


As Scientists, we will:

  • Learn that a force is a push or a pull.

  • Compare how things move on a different surfaces.

  • Identify magnetic materials.

  • Describe magnets as having two poles.

  • Predict whether magnets will attract or repel.

  • Plan a test to compare the strength of different magnets.

  • Make and use a working compass.


As Computer Technicians, we will:

  • Create a sprite and background using Scratch.

  • Animate characters using Scratch software.

  • Program a sprite changing movement and position.

  • Add sounds to enhance animations.

  • Debug algorithms.


As Spanish speakers we will be able to:

  • Order drinks in a cafe

  • Read and Write drinks in Spanish

  • Order food for breakfast in Spanish

  • Read and write food on a menu