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Spring 2 - Twinkle, Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are?

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are?


This half-term we are exploring and learning about all things space! 


Each week we will answer these questions...


Week 1 – How many stars are there? Can you see a star in the daytime?

Week 2 – Do stars make patterns and what are their names?

Week 3 – How can we help Beegu?

Week 4 – Who has been to see the stars?

Week 5 – What planets surround our stars?

Week 6 – Would you like to go to see the stars? 


Our key text is Beegu

As communicators we will learning to... 

  • Name the planets in our solar system. 
  • Ask questions about space and what we want to learn about it.
  • Give reasons for wanting to/not wanting to go to space. 


As explorers we will be learning to... 

  • Name basic constellations. 
  • Understand what gravity is. 
  • Understand the features of different planets.
  • Who went to the moon and who has been into space.


As artists we will be learning to... 

  • Create space themed art work.
  • Combine a range of media to create different artistic effects e.g. making shaving foam, ink marbled planets.
  • Act out our key text Beegu through drama and freeze frames.
  • Move like planets, astronauts and shooting stars.
  • Create junk model rockets, aliens and planets.


As mathematicians we will be learning to... 

  • Recognise 2D shapes. 
  • Recognise that shapes have other shapes within them.
  • Create patterns.
  • Subitise numbers (recognise without counting) 


As readers we will be learning to... 

  • Blend CVC words. 
  • Recognise red words - I, the, no, go, to. 
  • Read simple captions and match to pictures. 
  • Discuss our key text in detail, make predictions and sequence key events.


As writers we will be learning to... 

  • Write simple captions.
  • Spell red words in phonics - I, the, no, go, to. 
  • Create story maps of the story Beegu.
  • Write key features of a letter. 
  • Hold a pencil correctly.