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Spring 2 The Romans

As scientists we will be:

  • continuing our learning on forces, testing the strength of magnets and learning which poles will attract and repel.
  • carrying out a range of engaging experiments during science week, such as looking at the relationship between the size of our bones; naming our bones; creating chemical reactions and shooting rockets into the air!
  • collecting data and presenting it through tables and graphs.
  • making predictions and analysing our results.

As designers we will be:

  • looking at the purpose and design of different bags, especially those that were used in Roman times.
  • learning different sewing techniques and stitch patterns (running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch).
  • designing and sewing together a Roman coin purse


As musicians we will be:

  • finding out which instruments were played during Roman times.
  • analysing the composition of Roman battle music, thinking carefully about the pitch and tempo.
  • learning how to play different notes on the keyboard.
  • composing a piece of music in groups for the Roman legion to march to.


As mathematicians, we will be:

  • measuring in centimetres and millimetres.
  • learn that 100 centimetres is equivalent to 1 metre and 10 millimetres is equivalent to 1 centimetre.
  • compare, order, add and subtract lengths which may need converting.
  • calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes, by using repeated addition or making connections to multiplication.