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Spring 1 - Sounds Amazing



We have just begun our new topic of Sounds Amazing! We will be looking into lots of amazing new facts linked to Science, Geography, History, Music, and Art! 


Here are the key objectives we shall be learning in each subject:


As scientists we shall be:

  • identifying how sounds are made e.g by investigating a range of musical instruments.
  • investigating and describing how sound travels.
  • investigating the relationship between pitch and features of the sound source.
  • understanding how volume changes as you move away from a sound source


As historians we shall be:

  • studying the Beatles and their rise to fame
  • creating a timeline of key events in their history
  • make comparisons with other artists of the same era
  • exploring the social and political changes of their hometown of Liverpool


As geographers we shall be:

  • identifying a range of musical genres and where they originated from around the world
  • understanding the impact of the Beatles on their local area
  • exploring the spread of popularity of the Beatles 


As musicians we shall be: 

  • using ICT software to compose our own piece of music
  • layering different instruments
  • revising musical notations 


As artists we shall be:

  • creating our own Beatles-style album covers
  • using a range of sketching pencils to show lightness and darkness
  • drawing portraits of people on my table 



We shall also be taking a trip to The Beatle's Story in Liverpool on Monday 4th February 2019! Please use Parent Pay to pay and confirm your child's attendance. 

Look at our WONDERFUL instruments we made for our homework!

Don't forget we are still running 3 times a fortnight- Week A- Monday/Thursday and Week B- Thursday

We are also practising our gymnastics within P.E. which will be happening every FRIDAY, so ensure your child has their full P.E. kit. 

Swimming is still continuing every Tuesday where your child needs to bring their costume/ trunks, towel and swimming hat.

Homework is sent out on a Tuesday/due in on a Monday. This consists of a rotation of literacy, spelling and maths activities but it is really important that the children have time to read a little bit every night.