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Spring 1: Sounds Amazing

Sounds Amazing!

Our topic for Spring 1 is called Sounds Amazing! We will be expanding our knowledge of science, history, geography, music and art according to the following objectives:


As scientists we shall be:

  • identifying how sounds are made e.g by investigating a range of musical instruments.
  • investigating and describing how sound travels.
  • investigating the relationship between pitch and features of the sound source.
  • understanding how volume changes as you move away from a sound source


As historians we shall be:

  • studying the Beatles and their rise to fame
  • creating a timeline of key events in their history
  • make comparisons with other artists of the same era
  • exploring the social and political changes of their hometown of Liverpool


As geographers we shall be:

  • identifying a range of musical genres and where they originated from around the world
  • understanding the impact of the Beatles on their local area
  • exploring the spread of popularity of the Beatles 


As musicians we shall be: 

  • using ICT software to compose our own piece of music
  • layering different instruments
  • revising musical notations 


As artists we shall be:

  • creating our own Beatles-style album covers
  • using a range of sketching pencils to show lightness and darkness
  • drawing portraits of people on my table


For physical education we will be doing:

  • Boxing  (Tuesdays)
  • Street Dance (Fridays)
  • We will also be running the mile challenge, running three times across two weeks (with the aim of completing 3 miles per fortnight).

Please make sure that your child has a full P.E kit that remains in school during term time.


Dates for the diary:

Trip: The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool Thursday 7th February 2019

 Please use Parent Pay to pay and confirm your child's attendance. 




Sounds Amazing! Stunning Start:

Fantastic Finish! The Beatles Story Museum,Liverpool