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Spring 1 - How can we help Cinderella have a ball?


Spring 1 

How can we help Cinderella have a ball?



This half-term we are diving straight into the story of Cinderella! We will be taking part in lots of fun activities across the classroom, both inside and out linked to the topic. 

Each week we will answer these mini-questions:


Week 1 – Ask the big question and share the text.

Week 2 - Who is Cinderella and why is she upset?

Week 3 – How can we make sure that everyone has a good time at the ball?

Week 4 – How could we make Prince Charming’s castle modern?

Week 5 – Why is a glass slipper not a sensible dancing shoe?
Week 6 – Who is Prince Cinders?

As communicators we will learning to... 

Think of questions we would like to ask Cinderella. 

Retell the story of Cinderella using role play and small world.

Use descriptive language to describe the characters in the story. 


As explorers we will be learning to... 

Compare a castle in the past to a more modern castle/palace. 

Name different features of castles.

Discuss why certain materials would/wouldn’t be suitable for a shoe.

Understand the technology we use in modern life.


As artists we will be learning to... 

Construct buildings, representing features well e.g. castles and ball rooms. 

Identify and dance to ball music.

Create ballroom music using instruments. 

Use a combination of materials and joining techniques to make a new shoe for Cinderella.


As mathematicians we will be learning to... 

Use everyday language of time

Use positional language to describe our own position and the position of others. 

Discuss the size of objects, using everyday language. 

Create patterns to make clothing for Cinderella.


As readers we will be learning to... 

Compare two similar stories (Cinderella/Prince Cinders) 

Explore the story setting of a castle.
Sound out simple words and begin to read short captions.


As writers we will be learning to... 

Write invitations and understand the key features.
Write captions linked to the text.

Write lists themed around the ball.






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