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Spring 1- How can we help Cinderella have a ball?

How can we help Cinderella have a ball?

For this half term, we are going to be helping Cinderella to have a ball! We have been reading and watching the fairy tale and now the organising has already begun. So, with a flick or a wand, a tidying and modernising of a castle, and a bibbidi, bobidi bo, she shall have the best ball in the kingdom!


Weekly Questions


Week 1 – Who is our special visitor and why are they upset?

Week 2 – How could we make Prince Charming’s castle more modern? 

Week 3 – Why is a glass slipper not a sensible dancing shoe?

Week 4 – Who is Prince Cinders?

Week 5 – How can we make sure everyone has a good time at our ball?


Key Vocabulary for the topic

Cinderella, Prince Charming, carriage, wicked step mother, fairy god mother, ugly sisters, ball, pumpkin, O’clock, midnight, clock, time, yesterday, morning, afternoon, evening, longer, shorter, smaller, wider, narrower, glass, plastic, fragile, strong, flexible, waterproof, rubber, metal, velcro, laces, felt.


As Mathematicians we will be learning to


Use everyday language of time and begin to make O’clock times on a clock face. 

Use positional language to describe their own position and the position of others. 

Discuss the size of objects, using everyday language. 

Create patterns to make clothing for Cinderella. 


In Literacy, we will be learning to


Write invitations and understand the key features.

Write lists themed around the ball.

Compare two similar stories (Cinderella/Prince Cinders) 

Explore the story setting of a castle.Discuss what characters would live in castles


Other Key Skills

Communication and language


To think of questions we would like to ask Cinderella. 

To retell the story of Cinderella using role play, small world and orally. 

To use descriptive language to describe the characters in the story. 

To describe the properties of materials. 

To answer why questions related to the story.



Physical development 


To plan a ball that would meet our needs e.g. food and drink. 

To use tools such as hole punches, split pins and scissors to create a new shoe for Cinderella.

To use joining techniques to make party decorations. 



Can you make a moving vehicle to safely get Cinderella over the bridge and to the ball?


Expressive arts and design


To construct buildings, representing features well e.g. castles and ball rooms. 

To understand what ball music is.

To create ball music using instruments. 

To perform ballroom dancing. 

To understand how to make wheels move on a vehicle. 

To use a combination of materials and joining techniques to make a new shoe for Cinderella. 

To sing songs from the story/film (bibbidi-bobbidi-boo)



Personal, social and emotional development

To think about the feelings of others in relation to the book characters. How can we help

Cinderella to feel better?

To discuss how we could help the ugly step sisters to be kind to Cinderella.

To discuss what we would do if we were one of the characters. 




This week in reception we’ve been washing clothes, opening a shoe shop, decorating clothes and dressing up as knights!