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Spring 1 and 2: The Romans

The Romans


As Authors in English, we will be: 

  • Reading a range quest stories.
  • Writing expanded noun phrases to describe characters and settings.
  • Creating our own quest story.
  • Learning how to write and present a letter.
  • Understand the differences between formal and informal writing.
  • Listen to and read a range of poetry.
  • Create our own poems using figurative language.
  • Writing an explanation text all about the Romans.
  • Applying Year 3 spelling rules into our writing. 


As Mathematicians, we will be:

  • Multiplying 2-digit by 1-digit numbers.
  • Dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.
  • Counting money in pence and pounds.
  • Converting pounds and pence.
  • Adding and subtracting money.
  • Giving change.
  • Making tally charts.
  • Drawing and interpretting pictograms.
  • Drawing and interpretting bar charts.
  • Reading tables accurately.
  • Finding equivalent lengths in m and cm and mm and cm.
  • Comparing lengths.
  • Adding and subtracting lengths.
  • Measuring and claculating perimeter.
  • Making equal parts.
  • Recognising and finding a half.
  • Recognising and finding a quarter.
  • Recognising and finding a third.
  • Learning about unit and non-unit fractions.
  • Counting in fractions.


As Historians, we will:

  • Explore Roman life in Rome in 27BC
  • Understand the chronology of the Roman invasion of Britain
  • Know who Julius Caesar and explore his attempted invasion
  • Research the power of the Roman army
  • Explore the successful invasion and conquest of Britain.
  • Understand the British resistance and Boudicca’s rebellion.
  • Explore primary and secondary sources and the reasons why Hadrian’s Wall was built.
  • Understand the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain’s technology, culture and beliefs.


As Artists, we will:

  • Learn about the artist Sonia King and explore her artwork.
  • Investigate Roman mosaics and compare to Sonia King's work.
  • Collect ideas for our artwork from around school using iPads.
  • Create a mood board that represents our class and school.
  • Plan a mosaic design.
  • Create a mosaic design using tiles and adhesive.


As Scientists, we will:

  • Learn that a force is a push or a pull.
  • Compare how things move on a different surfaces.
  • Identify magnetic materials.
  • Describe magnets as having two poles.
  • Predict whether magnets will attract or repel.
  • Plan a test to compare the strength of different magnets.
  • Make and use a working compass.


As Computer Technicians, we will:

  • Create a sprite and background using Scratch.
  • Animate characters using Scratch software.
  • Program a sprite changing movement and position.
  • Add sounds to enhance animations.
  • Debug algorithms.