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Our Topic this term is:



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This half term we are looking at Traction Man. He is a superhero who goes on lots of adventures in his home. We will be writing character descriptions, a summary, predictions and our own adventures for him to go on. We will be finding out about different sentence types (commands, statements, exclamations and questions) and will be using these in our own writing.



This term will be learning how to multiply and divide by 2, 5 and 10 using arrays. 

We will learning how to interpret data from tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. We will be creating our own human pictogram about our favourite superheroes. 


Investigating how plants grow.

comparing different plants.  



We will be finding out about our local area. We will be going on visits to our local woods to see how the plants there change over time. We will be using our direction and map reading skills to get us there safely.



We will be finding out about real life super heroes in history. Some of these people are Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale and Tim Peake.


How are computers programmed? What instructions do they follow? How are computer games made? We will be finding out the answers to these questions and using programming to create our own simple games.



We will be learning how to sketch. We will be creating our own work in the style of the Stephen Ditko (who created and drew many Marvel characters).



We will be fining out what makes things move. We will be looking at axles, levers and hinges. We will then use our knowledge to create our own super hero vehicles.



Multi skills and running a mile. What will be your personal best? We will also be learning some new street dance moves and routines with Becky.