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SEN Documentation



The intent of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision at Broomwood Primary School is;


That all pupils with Special educational Needs and Disabilities experience success; that they achieve well and develop as individuals and members of the community. 


Aims of SEND 


Through the application of the SEND policy, we aim to;


  • Think positively - the whole school community (pupils, parents and staff) believing that all pupils, including those with SEND are capable, can achieve and be successful.   
  • Reduce barriers - taking practical steps so our school environment, facilities, curriculum and practices reduce barriers and are accessible to all.
  • Work in partnership - giving children the opportunity to voice their wishes and drawing upon knowledge and expertise of parents and carers in relation to their child. 
  • Assess accurately - tracking progress of pupils with SEND regularly and adjusting provision in light of ongoing monitoring.
  • Be creative - to think outside of the box in coming up with solutions to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.
  • Be responsive - to individuals needs of all children.
  • Be effective - in targeting additional support using a judicious blend of in class support and withdrawal or intervention classes. 
  • Be reflective - Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our provision for pupils with SEND to ensure we are providing equality of opportunity and value for money. 




Dyslexia videos

Support with memory

Support with organisation

Support with handwriting

Support with spelling



Happy Autism Awareness month! This morning in assembly we have been learning a little more about autism. Did you know the famous people below are thought to have (or had) autism? 

I have also uploaded some videos which may help to talk to your children about autism. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Links with Pictor School

Respect for the older generation, especially older members of our community on the Broomwood estate

Anti Bullying Week – emphasis on RESPECT, drawing on a variety of aspects – racism, e-safety, homophobia, religions and belief systems.