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Please access your child's daily work from your child's year page and select your child's class. Please take care and keep safe.


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SEN Activities


Nessy is an online learning website which supports children with reading and spelling difficulties. The website will assess the children, then provide activities for them which match what they need to learn. I can see how well they have been doing from home and can also provide activities for them to try. Please spend 30 minutes on the spelling games and 30 minutes on the reading games. 


Some people have received a text about their child using this website- please reply to this so I have consent to load your children onto the website. Equally if you feel your child could benefit, contact school so this can be arranged.


Web Address is - 

Secret word is- MAGICALFLOWER

Nessy name is - Your child's name with a capital letter


Some children are already loaded onto this and should be able to access today- others may have to wait a while- The website company are extremely busy so please bear with us... 

Word Cards

Some children brought some word cards home with them last week. These are the words they have been practicing in intervention and will need to learn to read and spell them. Please stick to one card until your child knows them really well before moving onto the next card. I have uploaded each card for you below and will be uploading daily activities for you to try to practice them. Good luck!