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Relationships and Health Education (PSHE)


Through our teaching of PSHE, we aim to build a supportive and inclusive curriculum that enables children to become confident, self-aware, healthy, respectful and resilient individuals, who are well equip to deal with the challenges that they will face as they grow up. The Department of Education has made Relationships and Health Education compulsory from September 2021. In order for our children to become well-balanced individuals, we believe that this should be taught within a broader PHSE programme.


Statutory guidance, published by the Department of Education, states that:

To embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life, pupils need knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships and to build their self-efficacy. Pupils can also put this knowledge into practice as they develop the capacity to make sound decisions when facing risks, challenges and complex contexts.


Through research, the PSHE Association has concluded that: ‘PSHE helps to keep children and young people safe, mentally and physically healthy and prepared for life and work. Their ‘PSHE, Academic Attainment and Employability’ research indicates that there is growing evidence to suggest that the skills and attributes acquired through PSHE education have a significant impact on pupils' academic achievement, employability and future life chances.


At Broomwood, we also consider great PSHE teaching to be fundamental to shaping healthy, happy children who are ready for a successful life in the wider world. Visitors, trips and assemblies provide a real-life context for the children to apply their learning. In addition to this, through the wider ethos of the school we promote British Values, citizenship, resilience, respect and safety and these are embedded into our holistic approach to the learning and education of our children. 


Due to the sensitive nature of some of the PSHE objectives, at Broomwood we have ensured that objectives are age appropriate, therefore PSHE will be delivered discretely in year groups. Our Relationships and Health curriculum is taught through three core themes: Relationships; Health and Well-being and Living in the Wider World. Each of these themes are further divided into three topics. British Values are interwoven through the ethos of the school, assemblies and PSHE lessons. They underpin the attitudes and values that are modelled to the children.




As a result of our delivery of PSHE, we hope that children will become responsible citizens who are healthy and prepared for life beyond school. Our aim is that, through providing age related opportunities, children will apply their knowledge and skills into their day to day experiences to flourish with a healthy body and mind.