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PSHE, Citizenship and SRE

Curriculum Overview for PSHE, Citizenship and SRE



To build a supportive and inclusive curriculum that enables children to become confident, self-aware, healthy, respectful and resilient individuals.



The National Curriculum states:


All schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), drawing on good practice. Schools are also free to include other subjects or topics of their choice in planning and designing their own programme of education.


PSHE is an important and necessary part of all children's education. As PSHE is currently non-statutory, we have devised a tailored curriculum at Broomwood, drawing on best practice and have developed this to reflect the needs of the children within our school. Our PSHE programme aims to equip all pupils with a sound understanding of 12 key strands as outlined in the Curriculum Overview and these are interwoven through Literacy, Maths and foundation subjects as well as taught discretely. Visitors, trips and assemblies provide a real life context for the children to apply their learning. In addition to this, through the wider ethos of the school we promote British Values, citizenship, resilience, respect and safety and these are embedded into the staff's holistic approach to the learning and education of our children. 




  • Curriculum - A broad and engaging PSHE curriculum linked to real life contexts promoting a whole child, holistic approach to development.


  • Healthy bodies - Encouraging and motivating children to understand the vital importance of their physical health, following a healthy lifestyle and the impact on their emotional health. Explicit links are made to healthy eating through learning about food, nutrition and the body throughout the school. The importance and impact of Physical Education on children's health is taught discretely and through PE lessons and promoted with exciting opportunities such as whole-school dance-athons and a variety of sports clubs and teams.


  • Healthy Minds - Developing resilience in the learners in our school is a priority and interwoven throughout the core and foundation subjects. Through discrete Emotional Health and Wellbeing sessions, teachers focus on promoting resilience by encouraging children to recognise and effectively deal with their emotions. Children explore the basic needs for all human beings, building and creating positive and supportive relationships and coping strategies in managing their feelings.


  • Safety - Children's safety in the real and digital world is taught through assemblies and visitors, discrete lessons and interwoven through other subject areas linked to our topics. We cover esafety, road and physical safety, consent and personal safety, drugs and medicine at an age appropriate level and provide children with strategies to follow should they feel unsafe. Visits from the police, community officers, the school nurse and the fire brigade excite children while embedding their learning within real life contexts.


  • E-safety - In an ever-expanding technological world, children are provided with up-to-date and relevant knowledge of how to keep themselves safe when using the internet and social media and sharing platforms. Through performing arts groups, assemblies, ICT lessons and PSHE, children are taught how to manage risks and maintain their privacy online, be aware of potentially unsafe behaviours online and what they should do in the event that they were to feel unsafe.


  • Ethos - British Values are interwoven through the ethos of the school, assemblies and PSHE lessons. They underpin the attitudes and values that are modeled to the children.


  • Citizenship - Children are taught respect and tolerance through the celebration and understanding of the differences between us, whether it be race, religion, gender, disabilities or different family structures.


  •  Anti-bullying - Through PSHE, children learn and understand what constitutes bullying, from cyber bullying to physical bullying and racial and gender discrimination to emotional bullying and bystanding. They explore the emotional and physical impact of bullying and strategies on how to keep themselves and others safe and how, where and when to seek appropriate help.


  • Gender stereotyping - We raise awareness and promote the acceptance of different genders and stereotypical gender roles and provide children with the freedom to express their own gender identity and a tolerance of others'.


  • SRE - To promote healthy relationships and give children the knowledge and understanding to make positive and safe relationship choices.