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What EYFS learning looks like

Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning in the early years is of great importance to us at Broomwood Primary School. The outdoors opens the children up to many learning opportunities that are not always possible indoors. We go out in all weathers and allow the children to explore what nature has to offer! Although the outdoors is not a replica of the indoor environment we ensure that children have access to similar provision, often on a larger scale.

Communication and language 

We provide children with lots of opportunities to communicate with their peers and develop their speaking, listening and understanding skills. These skills are vital to learning in all other areas so play spaces are carefully planned to promote children to interact with others, develop vocabulary and ask questions. 

Personal, social and emotional development

We encourage children to explore their own and other's feelings and learn to cooperate with one  another, developing friendships that they will cherish throughout their journey at Broomwood Primary School. We want children to become confident, independent learners and feel positive about themselves. 

Physical Development 

Children need to develop good control with their fine motor skills (small movements that occur in the hands, wrists and fingers) and gross motor skills (large body movements such as running and jumping). We provide the children with a funky fingers challenge area where they develop their fine motor skills and we develop gross motor skills through 'Stretch N Grow' and outdoor play.

Mathematical Development 

Developing the basic number skills and mathematical language is crucial in our EYFS. We encourage the children to explore quantities, solve mathematical problems and explore concepts such as height, weight and shape through meaningful play and adult led maths sessions. We want our children to enjoy maths and feel confident to tackle a range of mathematical problems. 


Developing a love of reading and writing is very important to us at Broomwood Primary school. Everyday our children are exposed to literacy through adult led teaching and opportunities inside and outside to read and write.

Understanding the world

The world is a fascinating place to a child. We encourage them to be explorers, investigate using their senses and explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) inside and out. We want the children to develop a sense of their community and learn about other children's. We understand the vital role that technology plays in our lives and provide children with opportunities to use it. 

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive arts and design allows the children to express themselves and be creative! We do this through singing, dancing, drama and role play. Each early years classroom will have a themed role play linked to their topic and children have access to a workshop area, painting area, small world and construction play.