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Our Spring Term!


We've been having so much fun exploring inside and outside. Take a look at all the exciting activities we have been doing!

Picture 1 Making crowns for our Cinderella ball
Picture 2 Acting out the story of Cinderella using puppets
Picture 3 Learning how to ballroom dance
Picture 4 Dressing up as Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother

We love learning outside!

We love learning outside!  1 Exploring ice
We love learning outside!  2 Carving a pumpkin
We love learning outside!  3 Using technology
We love learning outside!  4 Looking for stars in the day time
We love learning outside!  5 Building a rocket


Maths  1 Counting natural objects
Maths  2 Counting number bears
Maths  3 Adding groups of objects together
Maths  4 Ordering numbers from 1 to 20
Maths  5 Drawing around numicon to make number bonds