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To begin the children's journey with the teaching of the 'letters and sounds' programme. Embedding opportunities to play with and explore sound, and equip children with core listening and sound discrimination skills required for success in reading and writing as they grow.   

To consistently implement the Read Write Inc, synthetic phonics programme across Reception and Key Stage 1, with strong teaching of the core skills required for children's knowledge to become autonomous and enabling pupils to read and write with confidence, for a range of purposes in everyday life.




At Broomwood Primary School we teach phonics using a mixture of Letters and Sounds and Read Write Inc (RWI).


In the Early Years we use Letters and Sounds to teach Phase 1 phonics and then move onto RWI once children start to learn the different sounds that letters make.

Please click on the files below to see the different sounds that the children learn.


Phonics Policy

Set 1 sounds - taught in Reception

Set 2 sounds - taught in Reception

Set 3 sounds - taught in Year 1