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We have started to learn our set 1 read , write inc sounds. The children have been learning these really well and they are now recognising lots of sounds.

If you would like to help your child with their phonics sounds, you could play i spy, rhyming games or alligator alliteration, This is where you have to make up names for children using another matching sounds. E.g Jumping John, Tatty the tiger. We play this game in class and the children love it!

If you are unsure of how phonics should be taught, please have a chat with us. We would be more than happy to advice you. 

In reception we teach phonics daily at 10.50 - 11.20 (Once all baseline assessments have been completed). We follow the Read Write Inc. synthetic phonics programme that enables children to learn and apply phonic sounds in a structured and familiar routine:

  • Say it - learn correct pronunciation of letter sounds. 
  •  See it - see the written form of the letter sound or grapheme.
  • Read it - Read with a simple set of green words. (Green words can be segmented and read using phonics).
  • Write it - Practise writing the sound and writing the sound within a word or sentence. 

Alongside this we will be practising red words - words which cannot be 'sounded out' eg. I / he/ said/ the/ she/ we/ go. 


Each class learns with their class teacher in the Autumn term and following a phonics assessment we group children to ensure their phonic needs can be supported most effectively in the Spring and Summer terms. 

Children are encouraged to apply their phonic skills during class time too! We provide lots of visual aids to support the development  of reading and writing during play. 

set 1 RWI sounds

Uploaded by Broomwood Primary School on 2018-04-30.

set2 RWI sounds

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set3 RWI sounds

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