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PE & Story Time



We have a special story today in honour of Father's Day.  Click on the link below and listen to Daddy's Sandwich.

Daddys Sandwich

A special story for Father's Day read by Mrs Walton


Try these jumps, do 10 of each - you will need to listen carefully.

Then if you have a skipping rope see if you can do these jumps as you skip.



Scissor jumps: land with one foot forward, then on the next jump switch feet


Cross jumps: land with feet crossed like an X, then apart, then crossed again


Duckie: land with heels apart, toes and knees pointed in; then on next jump, put heels together and toes and knees pointed out


Swing: land on one foot and swing the opposite leg out to the side, then switch on next jump.


Wednesday PE and Story Time

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