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Passion for Plants - Spring 2

Passion for Plants!

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During this topic, the children will be immersed into the world of plants!


Through Science, we will be delving into the different parts of a flowering plants and the function of each part for the plant's survival. Children will be exploring what a plant needs to survive, plant fertilisation and reproduction and finding patterns in seed dispersal. 

Children will be investigating and exploring plants first hand!


We will also be learning about George Washington Carver, a successful African American scientist and botanist from the 19th Century who invented hundreds of uses for peanuts - including peanut butter! 


Through ICT, the children will be using imovie and the green screen to write, present, film and edit their own weather reports! Watch this site for videos and links...


Through Music, children will be exploring Vivaldi's Four Seasons and reflecting on how the music represents the season of Spring. Using these ideas and non-tuned instruments, they will be composing, playing and evaluating their own Springtime compositions!


Through Art, children will be exploring Georgia O'Keefe and her work with flowers. They will be researching and reflecting on her artwork as well as developing the skill of weaving to make their own pieces.


Our Geography this term will be exploring the UK and its counties and landmarks as well as compass points and reading OS maps.


The children will be learning about Traditional Tales (with a twist!) this half term through Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes versions of stories and will move on to leaflet writing linked to our Plants topic. 


Their Guided Reading book this half term is Bonglewood - a fantastic book about a plant that seems to have a mind of its own...


In Maths, children will be exploring fractions, decimals, symmetry and graphs.


Homework Project - This half term's homework project is for children to create their own garden. The project is due in on the final week of term before the Easter break.