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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum 



To provide an exploratory, creative and play based curriculum that develops a love of learning and enables young children to become independent learners.


  • Our EYFS curriculum is broken down into five big questions a year. We expose the children to a range of learning opportunities themed around smaller weekly questions that help them to explore the big question. 
  • We value providing children with hands on learning opportunities using concrete and real life resources that they can explore and investigate. Learning through high quality play experiences are fundamental to our curriculum. 
  • We start each big question off with a stunning start and end with a fantastic finish.
  • We celebrate the children's learning during each big question through a floor book. We always start each big question off from what the children already know by asking them the big question prior to any teaching. 
  • We value children's interests and are flexible in our curriculum to accommodate child led learning that may be different from over overall topic.
  • Every Friday we have a 'Finding out Friday'. Each Friday we ask the children what they want to learn about and theme our day around this! 
  • We use the outdoor environment in all weathers! We encourage children to get muddy, explore nature and jump in puddles. The outdoor environment is carefully planned to ensure that all learning experiences we provide indoors can be replicated on a larger scale outdoors. 
  • Every child's learning is celebrated through their own learning journeys. We use a focus child approach to observe each child one every half-term. Reception celebrate their learning through a topic, maths and literacy book. 
  • We recognise the importance of involving parents and carers in their children's education. We encourage them to come into school and work alongside their child during play and stay sessions and value their observations of their children's learning and development. 
  • Our EYFS environment promotes calm, collaborative learning through having a natural environment and carefully planned spaces for play.



  • Children have an enthusiasm and passion for learning. They develop exciting memories of the learning experiences they have had in early years.
  • The Reception children are ready for year one, equipped with the skills and knowledge taught to them in EYFS. 
  • The children have reached a good level of development across all curriculum areas but especially in communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, mathematics and literacy.

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