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Our Blog - Summer 1




This half term we are looking at  up-levelling our writing. We will be doing this by using great adjectives, super punctuation, capital letters, full stops, great spelling and structuring our sentences in an interesting way, using a range of sentence starters. We will be writing about the Easter Story, our trip to Tatton Park, creating letters from characters and writing stories. 



Recap of everything we have done this year.

- Addition

- Subtraction

- Multiplication

- Division

- Odd and even numbers

- Money and solving problems

- Shapes

- Tally charts



Finding out about different habitats which animals live in. Investigating a range of habitats. Creating food chains. 



We will be finding out about Blackpool. We will be looking at how the Seaside has changed over time and what buildings (such as the Ballroom and Circus) looked like. We will be finding out about aerial photographs and maps of Blackpool and comparing these to the area we live in. 



We will be finding out about what Blackpool was like in the past and what it is like now. We will be identifying similarities and differences. 



What are digital cameras used for? Where are they? How do we use them sensibly? We will be finding out about a range of digital cameras and investigating what they are used for. We will also be finding out about how computers can be used to store data and will be gathering information about a range of bugs which live in different habitats. 



We will be creating water colour art work and developing our painting skills. 



In our History we will be finding out a little about Punch and Judy. We will use this information to help us create our own Punch and Judy characters out of fabric. We will be learning a range of sewing skills to help us create them. 



Multi skills and running a mile. What will be your personal best? 



We will be creating our own seaside music to accompany a range of pictures. We will be thinking about pitch, tempo and dynamics and creating graphic scores to show our music. 



We will be finding out about keeping healthy. We will also be learning about how to stay safe in a range of situations, including in the sun, at home and in the kitchen.