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Numeracy Autumn Two

In Numeracy, we will be learning to add and subtract three digit numbers. One tricky concept that we will learn is that we need to re group or exchange a ten or a hundred. We will do this pictorially with place value counters before progressing onto column addition and subtraction. After applying our addition and subtraction skills to problems, we will move on to multiplication and division, initially by grouping and sharing. We will look for patterns in multiplication tables and investigate links between the two, four and eight multiplication facts. During this half term ,we will start our times table facts challenge. The children have been challenged to recall each set of multiplication facts within one minute. The multiplication tables progress in the following order :

x 10

x 2

x 5

x 3

x 4

x 9

x 6

x 7

x 8

x 11

x 12

Once the children have mastered the 5, 9 and 8 multiplication tables, they will be challenged to complete a mixed test within three minutes!