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Here at Broomwood Primary School reading and writing are very important to us and we are constantly looking at ways to improve standards. Last year we had many initiatives relating to reading including; two book weeks, a poetry day, more regular use of the library and involving the children in buying books for their classrooms. This year our focus is going to be on spelling and we want to make it as much fun as we can. We have decided to launch a spelling award scheme whereby children can learn to spell key words at home and be awarded with a badge when they can spell them. The awards will be as follows:


                              BRONZE Award – being able to spell the first 100 high frequency words

                              SILVER Award – being able to spell the next 200 high frequency words

                              GOLD Award – being able to spell the next 200 high frequency words

                              PLATINUM Award – being able to spell the 100 most difficult words


Follow this link:-

to first set of spelling to learn with your child ready for the first test on Wednesday 22nd October. On this date any child in the school who thinks they can spell all of these words will be tested. If they get all the spellings correct they will be awarded the badge, which they can wear on their uniform, and will be given the next set of spellings to learn. If they don’t manage to get all of them correct they will be given further opportunities to take the test throughout the year and we hope that by the end of the year the majority of the children in KS1 and KS2 have at least one badge. We would hope that some of our older children will achieve all four awards.


Although we spend a lot of time in school teaching spelling, we will not be focusing on these words specifically, this is something for you to do at home with your children. There are many ways in which the children can learn their spellings but the most effective way is to;

LOOK – look at the word

SAY – say the word out loud

COVER – cover up the word

WRITE – write the word down

CHECK – check the word to see if it is correct

With some of the more tricky words it is a good idea to come up with a phrase to help you remember them such as; because (big elephants can always understand small elephants).


We think that the children will enjoy the challenge of trying to achieve the badges and improve their spelling at the same time If you have any questions or need any help with this please ask your class teacher. We look forward to rewarding our first of super spellers at the end of this half term.