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Parking Outside School

Monday 16th March 2015


Dear Parents/Carers


I am writing to you again in response to concerns expressed by a significant number of parents regarding the thoughtless parking outside the school gate. There has been an accident in the past involving a child from this school due to inconsiderate parking, so I need your help to ensure that we do not have another more serious accident in the future. Please advise Trafford Council/Greater Manchester Police immediately if you see any parking which you feel could cause a potential danger to pedestrians.


I would also like to re-iterate the following points regarding drop off and collection from our school. Your children’s safety and wellbeing is our paramount concern.


Parking Safety Guidelines: -


  • Cars park on one side only of Mainwood Road.
  • Cars should NEVER be parked on the school side of the road.
  • There should be NO double parking.
  • Cars should neither park in nor obstruct the school gates (even when closed)
  • Cars should not park on the corners of the crossroads at any time.
  • Cars MUST not be parked on pavements


Yours sincerely


Mrs Hossen