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Monday 23rd March


We are going to learn about constellations in the night sky. Watch this video to find out about constellations. 


Use google to find a picture of your star sign constellation. Draw your own picture of it in your work book. Label your star sign and write a sentence to describe what it looks like, such as "My constellation is bright and sparkly." 


Miss Hyland's birthday is in February. This means my star sign is Aquarius. The constellation for Aquarius looks like this... 



Practise your red words/tricky words by singing our favourite song! 


Practise your sounds using our sound mat and by watching Miss Hyland say them. 

Look at the pictures. Tell your grown-up what each picture is. Write the matching word down in our work book!

 1. nest 2. pond  3. jump  4. tent

Maths: We are learning to count in 2's! Listen to our counting in 2's song  Get some pairs of socks and put them in a line. Can you count the pairs of socks by counting in 2s?    2, 4, 6, 8, 10! 

We are also learning how to add! Tell your grown-up what the number sentence is. Find the answer by counting the space pictures.

Count the space pictures to find the answer or or use some objects (lego, bobbles, figures) to count and find the answer.

Physical Development:

Collect some socks from your sock draw. Roll up the socks into pairs. Try and count in 2's as you roll the socks up! 


Practise rolling them and tying them in different ways! 



Listen to the story "The Big Dipper"


What happens in the story?

What is your favourite part of the story?

What did you like about it?

How did the story make you feel?

What stars did you see in the story?