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Monday 8th June

Our question this week is How Hungry is the Caterpillar?


Enjoy listening to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar written by Eric Carle, read by your very own pre-school Miss Walton. 

Parents encourage your children to join in with Miss Walton or perhaps pause the story, can they fill in the missing words... But he was still hungry!

Look closely at the two pictures from the story. Tell your grown up what you can see. Is it day or night? How do you know? Where is the caterpillar? How have the two pictures changed? What has happened to the egg?



Today we are going to be animal sound detectives. Listen to the animal sounds and find out who is hiding in the box...

If you go for a walk or play in your garden later what animals can you hear? 



The hungry caterpillar ate lots of food in our story today. 

We are going to have a look to see which fruit he ate more of and which fruit he ate a little bit of, look at the pictures and tell your grown up which fruit he had more of!

Would you like to eat lots of sprouts? Which fruit do you eat a lot of? I eat lots of blueberries and Miss Walton eats lots of strawberries. Mrs Warren eats more grapes than apples!

Look at the fruit and vegetables, on each picture can you tell your grown up which the caterpillar ate more of.

Can you make two piles with your toys which pile has more?

Can you make your own Hungry Caterpillar, all you need is an egg box, green and red paint and a straw. What will you call your caterpillar?

Physical Development. Try telling the story of the Hungry Caterpillar with Yoga poses...

Understanding of the World

Where do you think you could find a caterpillar and a butterfly?

Do you think a caterpillar and a butterfly eat the same food?

If you go for a walk or play in your garden see if you can find a caterpillar or a butterfly. 

Try looking underneath leaves if you would like to see butterfly eggs.