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Monday 8th June

Hello from Mrs Stephani smiley

Wake up, Shake up!


Can you join in with Mihran’s dance class. He’s going to teach you a very simple Hip Hop dance! Enjoy!




Starter: Prefix game. You may need to click allow at the top if the game doesnt automatically open.


During this week we will be focusing on the story, "The Wizard of OZ". Maybe your grown up will let you watch the film if you haven't watched it. 

Click on the link to watch the book being read.


So there are 4 main characters in the story: Dorothy, the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man. Can you draw a picture of each of them, ensuring that you have enough space to write around each character. 

Decide which adjectives are best suited for each character and label the adjective around the correct drawing. Once you have finished, can you add your own adjectives to your drawings. 





Starter: Watch the 6 times table song Remember to join in!


Main: This week we will be learning how to add 2 four digit numbers together. Watch Mrs Stephani model a few examples.


Now answer as many  addition questions from the worksheet as you can. Remember to write the numbers in the correct columns and use a ruler to draw your lines. 


Column addition



Reading: Log into Oxford owl

Click on My class log in.

Enter the username and password Username: broomwoodms      Password: year4

Click on ebooks and change the age group to 7-9.

Choose the text : Journey to Mars.

Read Chapter 1 Journey to Mars and answer the comprehension questions on paper. 



  1. Why are the characters meeting at the museum?
  2. What might they see in the exhibition “Journey to Mars”?
  3. What do you think the problem might be at the end of the chapter?
  4. Write a summary of what has happened in chapter 1 so far.
  5. Why is the museum called the “Museum of the future”?
  6. Mars is a planet. Can you name the other seven planets?
  7. Would you like to visit this museum? Explain your answer.
  8. Do you think they are in the future? Explain your reasoning.
  9. Have you ever been to a science exhibition or museum? What did you see?
  10. What date is the museum exhibition going to open?


Can you join in with Joe Wicks.  Remember to drink water regularly to keep hydrated!



During this very strange time lots of people have been isolating at home. Some people have to shield themselves so they are not allowed to leave their home even for a walk. If you know somebody who is shielding at home, can you design and make them a postcard with a lovely message to cheer them up. Try and make your picture nice and bright. If you do not know anybody shielding, you could post it through a friend’s letterbox to tell them that you are missing them. You could email some of these designs to school so I can see them. 

Class Read

- Click on the  link to watch Mrs Stephani read Horrid Henry