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Monday 8th June


Year 3 Literacy- Day 1- Part 1

Year 3 Literacy- Day 1- Part 2

Year 3 Literacy- Day 1- Part 3


Year 3 Addition Day 1

Topic- Commitment 

Watch the video of Derek Redmond at the Olympics. After watching think about the questions below:

  • How did Derek show commitment?
  • How do you think Derek felt when he fell down? How would you have felt?
  • Why was it important for Derek to complete the race?
  • Why did his dad let him go at the end?
  • How did Derek show courage?


Then think about ways you show commitment and perseverance. It could be school work, sports activities, handwriting, times tables, swimming lessons, religious practices etc. 


Now think about how else you could show commitment. Think of a commitment you could make at home-  Keeping your room tidy? Tidying away your toys? Learning a new skill? Practising at a particular sport or practising a musical instrument for 10 minutes a day?


Complete the commitment log. You don't have to print it off, you can just keep a record on a page in your books.

Derek Redmond at the Olympics

This week I for PE I would like you to complete the personal challenges at home. Watch the videos on the link below which show you how to complete the challenges. Have a go and record your score. Remember you don't need to print it off you can just record your scores in your work book.
Daily Read

The Boy in the Dress- 1