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Monday 8th June


This week we will be practising our addition skills. We will be brushing up on the pictorial methods we can use to help us solve the calculations today and then applying these skills to problem solve throughout the week. 

We will also be practising counting in 3s learning to do it through a fabulous song, it makes me smile every time I sing it, sadly the rest of the Walton household are not so keen!

Maths Questions


Our first session will be to look at the school value : Commitment


During this period of home learning, the children have been showing tremendous commitment to their learning at home. Well done Year Two! 


Look at the presentation together, answer the questions then tell your grown up when you have demonstrated commitment. I showed commitment this holidays -  the sun was shining, I wanted to sit outside in the sunshine and relax. However, I had started decorating the bedroom so instead of relaxing, I learnt how to wall paper and now my room looks fabulous! I was so pleased I finished the job and didn't give up!