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Monday 4th


Can you guess the clues to this week's nursery rhyme?

1. They only come out at night.

2. They are in the sky, very high.

3. They twinkle brightly.

4. Some people say it looks like a diamond.

I wonder what it could be?


It's twinkle, twinkle little star

Did you guess correctly?


Why don't you see if you can sing the rhyme at home!


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Can you remember the sounds we have learnt so far?

Sound of the day - c and k

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Can you find the initial sounds?

Can you segment and blend these sounds?


c a t         p i ck

Maths - What number is missing?

Can you count these space objects?


Try and create a beautiful starry picture using lots of colours and whatever craft materials you have at home! Tweet us your pictures to

Song time - Twinkle Twinkle

Physical Development - Get dancing!