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Monday 29th June

Wake up shake up!

This music is based on the game musical statues. Dance until you hear a pause and then stop until it starts again. How good is your accuracy?



Starter: Complete the spag activity page 2 and mark your answers.



This week we will be writing facts sheets on amazing animals. 

Watch the video about the cheetah and then write a fact sheet about it. I have attached one to help you know how to set it out.


Starter: This week we are going to be revising the 9 times tables.

Listen to the song and then complete the activity.



Watch both videos about division and then complete your worksheet using either method.



Complete the first sheet of 9 times table wheels. The answers are attached on page 3.
Watch the video on division with remainders and then complete the maths sheet.

Answer all 9 questions.


Read the text and then answer the questions in your book.


Watch the pe lesson and then see if you can practise the skills that you have seen.





This week we are looking at the core value " Respect".  What does it mean ?A good definition is  a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. Respect is also part of our British values too (classroom display) as well as our core values. Today we are going to look at different ways of showing respect. Look at the posters: Respect in the classroom. 1) I will respect myself 2) I will respect my things. 3) I will respect others 4) I will respect my teacher 5) I will respect my classroom.  Can you list two ways that you respect each thing: classroom, myself, things, others, teacher, parents.


Think about the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. How was Goldilocks disrespectful to the bears? Draw a picture of Goldilocks in the middle of a piece of paper. Colour her in. Now write different information on how she was disrespectful towards the bears. 

Class read:

I've managed to get a new delivery today. The book The worst teachers has arrived so I will be reading the first short story. Click on the link to listen to me read it.