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Monday 27th April


Please remember to use Nessy- little and often works best. 30 minutes on a spelling activity and 30 minutes of a reading activity will really help with your child's literacy skills. 


Oxford Owl is free website where children can access online reading books for each primary level. More books have been added over this period where school is closed to most children. Reading everyday will really help children's fluency and decoding skills. 


Key Words 

Spelling ideas


Build the word 

Write the letters from the words on the card your child is working on, on card or paper (quite large). Scatter the letters all over the floor face up. Hold a word up, ask your child top read it. Then hide the word and ask your child to 'build' the word by selecting the correct letter from the floor. Show the word again and check they have done it correctly. 


Jump spelling 

Similar idea using the letters from the words written on large paper scattered on the floor. Read the word out and ask your child to jump from letter to letter to spell the word. 

Maths game

Number recognition count the sea creatures and select the correct number on the right hand side of the page.  

Blast Off

This game has different levels of difficulty. It's designed to help children identify and work with two-digit numbers. In the first game mode children have to find a specific number. In the second they are required to find a number in between two given numbers.