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P.E with Joe | Monday 30th March 2020

Day 6 of my 9am daily workouts




I know some of you are already brilliant at telling the time but this week we will explore time in more detail.

Today, I would like you to convert between seconds, minutes and hours. You will need to know this key information:

1 minute = 60 seconds

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 day = 24 hours

Please use the help sheets and the video link to help you with your activity today.

Guided Reading


Pre read - Watch the rang-tan video and read the text, you might need to watch and read a few times. If there are any words you are not sure of, write these in your book and use Google, a dictionary or ask someone at home what they mean.

Rang-Tan - Greenpeace - #DropDirtyPalmOil

Discover the story of Rang-Tan, a young Indonesian orangutan that has been forced out of her home by humans... Turn the sound on to hear Emma Thompson narrat...



Can you do the following movements?

  • Crawl like a Cat for 1 minute
  • Stretch as high as a tall tree and get low as a small rock 10 times
  • Star jump while you sing the alphabet twice
  • Crawl backwards as quietly as you can for 2 minutes
  • Move to your choice of music for a whole song
  • Imagine you are a gentle breeze moving for 2 minutes (now transform into a ferocious gust for 1 minute)

Cressida reads How to Be a Pirate: Chapter 1

The first chapter of How to Be a Pirate. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here: