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Monday 23rd March



Today, you will be researchers! Use the internet to find out what you can about a Roman discovery that has been made in Britain. This could be the site of a Roman bath, villa or even homes. 


Present what you have found in your books in an interesting way. (You will need this to help you write a newspaper report later in the week)


Remember, you will need quotes and the 5 W's...

When was it made? What was found? Who found it? Where was it found? And why is it important (what does it teach us about Roman life)?




Today, we will be learning how to show tenths on a place value grid.


How many tenths make a whole one? ....        10 !

Watch the video on Miss Croghan's page for a Maths 'How to'. Just click on Monday and scroll down to Maths.

Use the video to help with your Maths work today.



Roman Armour and Weapons!



Topic today will be R.E. - Where do we belong in our community?

Class Reading


You all know how much I love a poem that makes me laugh! Enjoy listening to some fantastic poetry by Michael Rosen.

Orange Juice | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

You can safely browse more videos like Michael Rosen Chocolate Cake on the Official Michael Rosen channel Orange...