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Before you begin the lesson today - you will need an adult to sign up to the link below. It is a free subscription and just takes 1 minute to add an email address. (Scroll to the bottom of the first link, you will see the heading 'The Explorer resources')


Listen to the author, Katherine Rundell introducing her book, The Explorer which is set in the Amazon Rainforest. (Link 1 - An introduction to an Explorer)


Click on the second link below, listen to Katherine reading an extract from a chapter.


Finally, click on the third link below and listen to Katherine’s writing challenge.


Imagine that you have crash landed in the Amazon Rainforest!

  • What can you see?
  • What can you smell?
  • Describe what is around you. How are you going to survive?
  • What are you going to eat?

Just like in The Explorer, you can choose something disgusting if you want!




Use the link below to help you with rounding decimals today. It will explain what to do.

Now, complete the worksheet in your books, you may need to draw the number lines.

Remember, 1 2 3 4  we round down and 5 6 7 8 9 we round up.

This would be the same in decimal numbers. So, we look at the tenths number …

7.2 would round down to 7

12.8 would round up to 13

Guided Reading


Monday – Pre-Read

Read the short non – fiction text, Rainforest Wildlife which you can find below. Now, complete the vocabulary activity sheet. What do you think these words might mean? Does the text help you to understand them?

Use a dictionary, ask an adult, or use the internet to research these words and understand the text.



Lesson 1- To use the internet and email safely knowing how to report concerns


Work through the PowerPoints about using a search engine to find information, how to send an email and communicating with others online.


Afterwards have a look on the thinkuknow website to find out how to stay safe online 


Look at the SMART rules poster and have a go at answering the quiz questions: 


Your task:

Create your own E-Safety poster. Use the PowerPoint and the SMART rules to create your own poster about how to stay safe online.