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Monday 20th April


Please remember to use Nessy- little and often works best. 30 minutes on a spelling activity and 30 minutes of a reading activity will really help with your child's literacy skills. 

Maths Skills

Here is a Maths game which will help build fluency of addition facts. You can pick how difficult the questions are and will know that your child knows the facts fluently when they can answer the question quickly without counting up. 

Oxford Owl

This website has a number of online reading books which you can access for free. They have added more online books for this period while many children are off school.

Reading everyday, even for just 10 to 15 minutes will make a big difference to your child's reading skills.

Key Words 

Here is today's activity for learning key words. Remember practice makes perfect and it is fine to reuse favourite activities from days / weeks before to help learn the words. 


Today's activity is Buncase Bingo!

Ask your child to write key words inside buncases and place in a bun tin. Shuffle the word cards and place face down in the table. Turn the cards over, and place a counter in the matching buncase. Which is the first row or column you complete?