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Monday 15th June

Welcome to week 2 of home learning. I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend! Remember to just complete what you can. We want your home school life to be a happy experience. 




Starter: This week we will be looking at suffixes. Watch a video to find out what a suffix is.

So by watching the video you have learnt that a suffix is a group of words that are added to the root word to change the meaning of the word. For example: music + ian = musician , adding + tion= addition,  protect + tion = protection.


Complete the activity on suffixes.

Add a suffix:  tion / sion/ cian onto each incomplete word to make a complete word.

Physi     opti        musi      atten     dieti       comprehend      exten    magi      inten     beauty


Main : This week we will be learning to describe settings. I have attached an adjectives mat to help you. I have also attached a checklist which will support you with your writing structure.

Main: Open up the document “Recognising features of imaginary settings”. Have a look at all the different features that are included in a description of a setting. Read the example of an imaginary setting. Remember to use the colour code to help you as you are reading through it.






These are the 6 features that were used in the description.  We are going to use these to support us to write a description about the Forbidden Forest , from the Harry potter films.

Before we write our description, we will have to write down some notes to describe our setting. I have attached an example with answers for each part.


Attach setting description 1 Attach pp 1

Draw the grid in your book and complete it based on a forest.

Keep these notes safe for tomorrow's lesson which is continuing on. 


Starter: This week we are recapping our 7 times tables. Click the link to watch the 7 times tables song.


Main Today we will be learning how to subtract 2  4 digit numbers using a concrete methods. Click on the video for today’s lesson. When you have watched the video lesson, make your own place value tokens and use the today's method to answer the questions.



Read the extract “Spotting a Tsunami”. Now complete the questions about the story.


Dance along to the Kids Bop!


What is togetherness? What does it mean? Why is it a Broomwood core value?


Togetherness is something that can only be achieved when you work together as a group. Can you think of 5 examples of where togetherness would happen?


A good example to base togetherness on is Broomwood Primary School. During the covid 19 pandemic, all staff from Broomwood Primary School have had a job to complete, so that the school, lessons and websites all work well. If a few people don't do their job well, it lets the rest of the team down. Togetherness breaks down! If Mrs Owen worked on her own? No – she needs to work together with teachers, teaching assistants, cleaners, caretakers, lunchtime staff, office staff.


Would MCFC or MUFC be able to win a match with just one great player? Should the goalkeeper get the ball and dribble it all the way across the pitch and then try to shoot a goal? Why not? Why does a football team need togetherness?


Why is togetherness so important at home? Or in the classroom? Or in the community?


Listen to the story " Supertato Veggies assemble" 


How did the team work together? What did they achieve?

Now get a piece of A4 paper.

Split it into 4 areas. Label each area with a togetherness scenario . For example you could have : At home, football, school and family.

Now draw an example and write a sentence for each box.


Class read:

Listen to Mrs Stephani read some of the story “ The Giraffe, and Pelly and Me”, by Roald Dahl.