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Monday 22nd June

Wake up shake up

Just a lovely wake up song to remind you of our school assemblies.






This week we are learning about apostrophes. Watch the video and complete the quick activity below.

Now complete the activity about apostrophes.


This week we will be focusing on Lego people descriptions and facts. I bought this book for my little boy and it has brilliant Lego mini figures inside it with super facts about each one. Have you got this book? Click on the video to watch a link about the book and what information is on each page.


Now that you have seen the information, can you design your lego figure and colour it in. Then think about what you want to write and complete your fact sheet on your minifigure.  Use the fact sheet template example to help you. Watch the video if you need an explanation of the template.






We are going to be recapping on our 8 times table this week.

This week we will be learning how to multiply. We will be starting off with concrete method moving to pictorial and then abstract. Watch Mrs Stephani model some examples in the first session.

34 x 2 =

31 x 3 =

32 x 3 =

17 x 4 =

16 x 4 =

30 x 3 =

27 x 3 =

27 x 2 =

25 x 3 =

22 x 4 =




Answers below:

34 x 2 =68

31 x 3 =93

32 x 3 =96

17 x 4 =68

16 x 4 =64

30 x 3 =90

27 x 3 =81

27 x 2 =54

25 x 3 =75

22 x 4 =88


Read today's text and answer the questions in your book. 



Cut a piece of paper into 16 small pieces. Write the name of an activity on each piece and fold them all up. Put them in a bowl. Now choose 5 folded up pieces of paper and open them up to find out what activities you will be completing today. Complete the first activity timing yourself for a min. How many did you manage to do? Now repeat twice more, working hard to beat your score each time. Write your next two scores down. Now repeat the steps with the other activities. Safe the 5 activities by folding them up and putting them back in the bowl for tomorrow. 



 This week our topic is all about nurturing. 

What does nurturing mean? What does it mean to be nurtured?

Read through the Powerpoint . Stop and discuss at the questions.

Consider what nurturing looks like at home – being fed, being washed, made to brush your teeth or get enough sleep (even if you don’t want to!)

What does nurturing look like in the community? Shielding older people, people doing each other’s shopping, clapping for the NHS etc

What does nurturing look like in school? Zone board and fair behaviour, first aid if you are feeling poorly, having friends

What does being nurtured feel like? Warm, happy, secure


Now draw the worksheet on paper and complete it. 

I have written the labels for the sheet below just in case it is not clear enough for you to read on a phone:

What does nurturing look like at home?

What does nurturing look like in school?

What does nurturing look like in your community?

What does being nurtured feel like?

Class read

Hi lovely year 4wink I hope you have been enjoying our class reads as much as I have! It is so important to sit down once a day and take some time for yourself to think, relax and reboot your batteries. I hope you enjoy listening to our short stories by Ted Hughes this week.laugh