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Monday 11th

Hi Nursery,


Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and managed to get outside in the sun!

Our weekly question is 'How many monkeys were jumping on the bed?'


Mrs Ellingford


How many monkeys are jumping on the bed?

You will need: 5 toys or drawings of monkeys

Sing the Nursery rhyme '5 cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed' 

Each time take a monkey away and see if you can count how many monkeys are left.


To challenge yourself, you could write the corresponding number?

Can you predict how many monkeys you would have if you took one away?



Can you remember some of the sounds we have learnt?

Sound of the day - e

Still image for this video

Segmenting and Blending

Try and match the segmented word to the picture.

Get an adult to sound out each of the words. Can you blend the word to match it with the picture?



Physical Development

Exercise like and animal!


Here is our nursery rhyme of the week. Enjoy singing along!


Where do monkeys live?


They live in the jungle. Lots of other animals live in the jungle too. Can you draw as many animals as you can that live in the jungle? Try drawing some jungle trees and flowers around your animals too.