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Monday 11th May


Look at this picture with your grown-up!




Who is this fairytale character?

What fairytale is he from?

What happens in the fairytale?

Is he a good or bad character?

Is the Big Bad Wolf in any other stories you know?


You can remind yourself about the Big Bad Wolf by listening to the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’.


Tell your grown-up what your favourite part of the story is!

Practice your sounds and actions!

Practice reading your red words by playing ‘tricky word trucks’ on phonics play. Practice ‘phase 2’ and ‘phase 3’!



Now have a go at finding some red words in these word searches. You can choose a ‘phase 2’ or ‘phase 3’ one, it is up to you!





Above or below 

What’s in your toy cupboard/shelf? Can you match them with the ones in the picture?


This toy cupboard has two shelves. Can you say/write whether the toy is above or below in the bubbles? (don’t worry about printing it off). 


Physical development

Today we want you go on a scavenger letter hunt. Look for objects that start with the sounds on the sheet. Now draw and label everything you found.



There are four main fairy tales with a big bad wolf as a character. These are: Little Red Riding Hood, The three little pigs, The big bad wolf and the seven kids and the boy who cried wolf.  There are lots of characters who needs protecting from the wolf. Can you make a home for the innocent characters to be safe from the big bad wolf? Ask your grown up for help, by testing how strong the house is, by using a hair dryer. Does your house withstand the wind from the hairdryer? 


Share a story


Enjoy this story read about Percy the Park Keeper by Jane Horrocks