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Afterschool clubs available now to book on Parent Pay. Clubs will start on Monday 22nd September. Book now to avoid disappointment. Please see 'extra curricular activities' on website for a full list of the clubs available


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Monday 11th May

Wake up everybody with the kid's HIIT workout.

Maths Starter 

Play the addition dart board game. See how quickly you can find the answers.

Maths- Time- Telling the Time to 5 Minutes


Recap on the Roman numerals up to twelve as these are sometimes used on a clock face.

Work through the powerpoint.

Answer the questions on the worksheet, remember you don’t need to print the sheets out. You could draw round something circular to make your own clock face.


Today you are going to read a different poem by Allan Ahlberg called ‘Excuses’. You will enter the world of a teacher as you read it and hear all of the funny and silly excuses that children give for not completing their work!

Read the excuses poem by opening up the document below. Then listen to some school children performing the poem by opening up the link called ‘listen to the Excuses poem’. Afterwards, complete task one and two.

PE: Choose a Challenge

Choose a challenge video to complete.


We are going to be finding out why the bible is important to Christians today.

Watch the two videos about life as a young Christian and what the bible is.

Watch the creation story video.

Using the sheet, or in your books, draw what God created on each day.

3SW Class Read- Day 24