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Meet the Governors

At Broomwood Primary School we have an extremely committed and involved Governing body who are helping us to raise standards and to continue to make improvements to our school.

Broomwood’s Governing Body Constitution (the instrument of Government):


  1. The name of the school is: Broomwood Primary School
  2. The school is a community school
  3. The name of the governing body is: the governing body of Broomwood Primary School
  4. The governing body shall consist of:
    • Two parent governors
    • One LA governor
    • One staff governor
    • Six co-opted governors
    • The headteacher, except at any time when he/she has given written notice to the clerk to the governing body of the school that he/she chooses not to be a governor
  5. The total number of governors is 11 (except when at any time the headteacher has given notice as above that he/she chooses not to be a governor, when the total number will then be 10.
  6. Subject to regulation 5(4) of the Education (School Government)          (Transition to New Framework) Regulations 2014, this instrument of government came into effect on 1st January 2015

Annual Governance Statement

The board of Governors:

  Date of appointment  Current Office Expires Appointing body Role Business Interests Financial Interests Direct email address
Ms Krystyna Rabin 25-Oct-15 24-Oct-23 Appointed by GB Chair of Governors No other Business Interests No other Financial Interests
Ms Elizabeth Ribbands 04-Feb-16 03-Feb-24 Appointed by GB Community Governor No other Business Interests No other Financial Interests  
Ms Donna Vipond 30-Jun-16 02-Dec-24 Appointed by GB Parent Governor No other Business Interests No other Financial Interests  
Mrs Mary Lewis 22-Jul-15 03-Jul-23 Appointed by GB Community Governor No other Business Interests No other Financial Interests  
Ms Shirley Mellor 22-Oct-15 26-Feb-24 Appointed by GB Parent Governor No other Business Interests No other Financial Interests  
Mr David Thwaite 22-Jul-15 03-Jul-23 Appointed by GB Community Governor Lignum Creations No other Financial Interests  
Franklin Tree Surgeons Limited  
Mrs Nicola Chappels 23-Jun-16 28-Sept-24 Elected by school staff Staff Governor No other Business Interests No other Financial Interests  
Ms Samantha Maxwell 16-Nov-20 15-Nov-24 Elected by Parents Parent Governor No other Business Interests No other Financial Interersts  
Mr Marcus Hughes 16-Nov-20 15-Nov-24 Elected by Parents Parent Governor No other Business Interests No other Financial Interests  


Clerk to the governors:

Trust GS appoint clerk for Full Govering Body meetings


Finance and staffing:                            Curriculum:                    Health and Safety:

Krys Rabin                                               Donna Vipond                        Mary Lewis

Donna Smalley                                        Shirley Mellor                         Donna Vipond

Ann Ribbands                                          Nicola Chappels                     Krys Rabin

Louise Owen                                            Louise Owen                         David Thwaite                    Sam Maxwell                                           David Thwaite                        Louise Owen

                                                                 Marcus Hughes                      Marcus Hughes                                                                                 Sam Maxwell


Discipline staff/pupils:                          Appeals:                         Headteacher Perfomance Management:

Krys Rabin                                                Donna Vipond                    Ann Ribbands

Ann Ribbands                                           Donna Vipond                       Krys Rabin

Louise Owen                                            Shirley Mellor                        

                                                                                                          Outside advisor: Ann


Pay Review:                                            Pay Review Appeals:

Krys Rabin                                               Donna Vipond

Louise Owen                                            Shirley Mellor

Ann Ribbands                                          


Attendance (from the start of this academic year)

Last Meeting for this academic year will be June 2021


Number of Full Gov

meetings attended

Number of Committee

meetings attended

Number of training

sessions attended

Number of school


Louise Owen 1 3 0 Staff
Krys Rabin 1 2 1 0
Ann Ribbands 1 1 0 0
Mary Lewis 1 1 0 Staff
Donna Vipond 1 2 0


Shirley Mellor 1 1 0 Staff
Nicola Chappels 1 1 0 Staff
David Thwaite 1 1 0 0
Sam Maxwell 1 0 0 0
Marcus Hughes 1 0 0 0


Subcommittee Meetings

Meeting Date Attendance
Curriculum 19/10/2020

L Owen

S Mellor

D Vipond

N Chappels (Clerk)

Health and Safety 20/10/2020

L Owen

K Rabin

D Thwaite

D Vipond

M Lewis (Clerk)

Finance 20/10/2020

L Owen

K Rabin

A Ribbands

J Stevenson

Pay Review 14/12/2020

K Rabin

A Ribbands

Curriculum 08/02/2021 TBC
Health and Safety 09/02/2021 TBC
Finance 09/02/2021 TBC
Curriculum TBC TBC
Health and Safety TBC TBC
Finance TBC TBC



Governor Profiles:      

Kris Rabin (Chair of Governors): I have been a Governor now, at Broomwood, for 15 years. I became an LEA Governor a few months after my eldest grandchild started in Reception. The school had been through many difficult years and soon after I started we went into Special Measures. The then Head, Ann Wood, worked tirelessly to turn the school around and I am proud to say that I was part of the Governing Body that helped in the process. All the Gov's. are very proud of what has been achieved. The ethos of aiming high continues with our  now Head, Louise.  Two of my grandchildren have been through the school and another two are in the process . The grandchildren are all doing well. The school is a lovely place to be and the children feel safe and are happy. I am 66 and we have lived in Timperley for 38 years. I have 3 daughters, including identical twins and I am a retired Optometrist. Fortunately, I received  a very good education both at primary and secondary level, prior to university. My desire for all the children at Broomwood is for them all to experience the same high level of education that I did,so that they can achieve well in life.


Donna Vipond (Co-opted): I moved into the area in 1999 and had a child at the school. I volunteered in the nursery at first and I wanted to get more involved in the school and saw being a governor at the school as a great opportunity! My background was as an NNEB and so have always enjoyed working with children and watching them make progress and have a great interset in children being able to read and enjoy books.

Outside of school I enjoy knitting, family time and spending time with my elderley mum in a care home, where I also love talking to the other residents.           


Mary Lewis (Co-opted): I began working at Broomwood Primary School in September 2009 and became a support staff governor in September 2010. Broomwood Primary was the school I attended as a child from 1975 to 1981. My background is in administration and I worked as a Buyer for Girlguiding UK for twenty years. However after having my children 9 years ago I decided to look into a role in education, I gained a Teaching Assistant Lvl 2 qualification and worked supporting a child with SEN, something which I really enjoyed. When that role ended, I wanted to continue working in the school environment so I applied for the receptionist role here at Broomwood due of my links to the school and my administration background. I love this role as it gives me the best of both worlds, utilising my skills in administration and being able to work in education. Outside of school most of my spare time is taken up with my children and all their out of school activities - football, rugby, cubs... but when I do get a moment I love reading Dan Brown novels.


David Thwaite (Co-opted): I have lived around this local area all my life and was brought up in Hale before moving into Timperley in 2003. I attended Stamford Park Infants and Juniors before moving on to Altrincham Grammar School for Boys. I have always had a strong belief in the value of a sound education and have constantly strived to increase my own education in both academic and vocational practical skills.

Academically I have a BTEC, an HND, NVQ's, City and Guilds, LSDC, B.Ed.(Hons), PGD(Merit) and an MSc. While practically I am qualified as a thatcher, wheelwright, wood turner, welder, blacksmith, fabrication engineer, woodcarver and tree surgeon, I know the education sector well as I worked as a secondary school teacher and then later as a Head of Faculty from 1995 until 2008. My main subject was Design Technology but also taught Art and ICT. Since leaving teaching in 2008, I have been self-employed working as a designer maker specialising in woodwork and the design and construction of parks, playgrounds and chainsaw sculptures. It is my firm belief that all children have the ability to succeed and it is a matter of finding the subject area that can inspire them to a lifelong desire to achieve. Broomwood Primary School has the necessary drive, determination and support from staff and parents to make this possible for all students.




Statement from the board:  


Calender of meetings:


Term     Full Govs      Pay Review   



Health and Safety Curriculum
Autumn 12-11-2020 14-12-2020 20-10-2019 20-10-2019 19-10-2019
Spring 04-03-2021 - 09-02-2020 09-02-2020 08-02-2020
Summer TBA -




Code of conduct and expectations:

The following principles of conduct are designed to assist governors discharge their responsibilities and duties effectively and efficiently:


  • ensure that their actions reflect the considered, best interests of the school and its pupils,
  • attend governing body meetings regularly,
  • on appointment avail themselves of the opportunity to attend induction training provided by the Local Authority / school,
  • on appointment, familiarise themselves with work of the school and keep this knowledge up to date,
  • maintain their knowledge of current education policy, regulations and guidance and extend their skills by participating in training programmes including whole governing body training and other events,
  • demonstrate a commitment to equality of opportunity and reflect this in developing and applying the policies the school is required to have in respect of disability discrimination, race relations, sex discrimination, and age discrimination,
  • act as a critical friend towards those with professional responsibilities in the school, bearing in mind the governing body’s own responsibility to promote high standards of educational achievement,
  • be conscious of, and act within, the limits of the responsibilities of the governing body and when necessary, seek and give due consideration to professional information, advice and guidance,
  • respect the responsibility of the headteacher for the day- to-day decisions in the management of the school,
  • observe collective responsibility by supporting, once determined by democratic means, the decisions of the governing body,
  • respect the governing body’s right to deem certain matters to be confidential, restricting discussion of such matters, whether inside or outside governing body meetings, solely to governor colleagues and in appropriate cases solely to discussion within governing body committees,
  • develop with colleagues on the governing body, a clear vision for the school,
  • focus their contribution to governing body decisions upon what is in the best interests of pupils, and be conscious that the welfare of pupils should always come first in terms of child protection, health and safety and helping each child to develop their full potential,
  • encourage and participate in systems which provide for open and effective communication, helping to establish a clear vision of the school’s development,
  • be aware that all governors are equal and respect others’ views and behave accordingly in dealings with governor colleagues,
  • be aware of their accountability to parents and others in the local community and seek to devise effective dialogue with all those interested in the conduct and standards of the school,
  • observe all protocols and procedures agreed by the governing body,
  • be open, honest, objective, fair and impartial and prepared to confront the personal prejudices that may hinder informed decision-making including conflicts of interest.


The School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012 Schedule 4

A person is disqualified from holding or from continuing to hold office as a governor of a school at any time when the person is a registered pupil at the school or is under 18 years of age.

The fact that a person is qualified to be elected or appointed as a governor of a particular category at a school does not disqualify the person from election or appointment or from continuing as a governor of any other category at that school, but no person may at any time hold the office of more than one governor of the same school.

A person is disqualified from election or appointment as a

parent governor of a school if the person

(a) is an elected member of the local authority; or

(b) is paid to work at the school for more than 500 hours in any twelve consecutive months.

A governor who, without the consent of the governing body, has failed to attend their meetings for a continuous period of six months beginning with the date of the first such meeting the governor fails to attend, is, on the expiry of that period, disqualified from continuing to hold office as a governor of that school. This does not apply to ex-officio governors.

A foundation governor, authority governor, co-opted governor or partnership governor who has been disqualified as a governor of a school is not qualified for election, nomination or appointment as a governor of any category at that school for twelve months starting on the date on which they are so disqualified.

A person is disqualified from holding or continuing to hold office as a governor of a school if (a) the person’s estate has been sequestrated and the sequestration has not been discharged, annulled or reduced; or (b) the person is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order, an interim bankruptcy restrictions order(

a), a debt relief restrictions order or an interim debt relief restrictions order.

A person is disqualified from holding, or from continuing to hold, office as a governor of a school at any time when the person is subject to (a) a disqualification order or disqualification undertaking under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986(

c); (b) a disqualification order under the Company Directors Disqualification (Northern Ireland) Order 2002(d); (c) a disqualification undertaking accepted under the Company Directors Disqualification (Northern Ireland) Order 2002; or (d) an order made under section 429(2)(b) of the Insolvency Act 1986(e) (failure to pay under county court administration order).

A person is disqualified from holding or from continuing to hold office as a governor of a school if—

(a) the person ("P") has been removed from the office of trustee for a charity by an order made by the Charity Commission or Commissioners or the High Court on the grounds of any misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of the charity for which P was responsible or to which P was privy, or to which P contributed or which P facilitated by P’s conduct; or (b) the person has been removed, under section 34 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005(

f), from being concerned in the management or control of any body.

A person is disqualified from holding or from continuing to hold office as a governor of a school at any time when the person is—(a) included in the list kept under section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1999(

a) (list of those considered by the Secretary of State as unsuitable to work with children); (b) subject to a direction of the Secretary of State under section 142 of EA 2002(b) (or any other disqualification, prohibition or restriction which takes effect as if contained in such a direction); (c) barred from regulated activity relating to children in accordance with section 3(2) of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006(c); (d) disqualified from working with children under sections 28, 29 or 29A of the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000(d);

(e) disqualified from registration under Part 2 of the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010(

e) for child minding or providing day care; or (f) disqualified from registration under Part 3 of the Childcare Act 2006(f).

A person is disqualified from holding or continuing to hold office as a governor at any time when the person refuses a request by the clerk to the governing body to make an application for a criminal records certificate.

Where a person is, or is proposed to become, a governor and is disqualified from holding, or from continuing to hold, office as a governor, he/she must give notice of that fact to the clerk to the governing body.