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At Broomwood Primary School we believe in developing the whole child and recognise mathematics as an important part of that picture. Together as a whole school, we strive to deliver an engaging maths curriculum which caters for all children’s varying needs. We have a commitment to recognising the requirements of all learners in our care and welcome the diversity of skills we have in our classrooms. Our curriculum is designed to stretch all children from their starting points and nurture a reflective culture within our classrooms. All learning experiences strive to contain an application element ensuring that children understand why and where their knowledge can be used. Through our approach we aim to foster a love of mathematical learning as well as a respect for its importance in our everyday life.

Primary Maths National Curriculum

Broomwood Maths Intent Implement and Impact

Broomwood Progression of Maths Skills and Vocabulary

What's Going On In Maths?