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Good morning!

Today you are going to write up your poem so have your plan (from last week) handy.


I thought each verse could start with the line with ‘Washed up on a desert island’ (taken from the blub) which will lead you into each section. But if you’ve already got something else in mind don’t worry – go with that!


Remember the 4 sections include…

  • Michael first landing on the island
  • Seeing Kensuke for the first time
  • Becoming friends with Kensuke and how his daily life then changed
  • Thoughts on home and family


Don’t worry about making this poem rhyme. If it does, then great but it doesn’t have to. The poetry we ‘interrogated’ the other day didn’t all rhyme. Take a look at it again if you are struggling to get going!


It would be great to read your poems so please send them into me if you can!